Multiple Selected Worksheets

Here’s a question that came up on a recent course. In Excel, suppose that you have shift-clicked or control-clicked to select multiple worksheets. Are they all Active? If so, what does ActiveSheet return? If not, where is the set of selected sheets?

The answer is that there is only one ActiveSheet: the one on the top of the stack, with the name in bold. The set of selected sheets is held by the SelectedSheets property (reasonably enough) of a Window object. This is a Sheets collection, which can contain both worksheets and (free-standing) Charts. The Workbook holds the full Sheets collection, of which a Window’s SelectedSheets is obviously a subset.

The Window objects are held both by a Workbook (usually just one) and Application (the full set for all open Workbooks). A Window holds appearance-related properties, such as scrolling and splitting. A Window does not raise any events, so there does not seem to be anything corresponding to the shift-click or control-click actions (not that I can think what you would want to do on handling them).


1 Response to “Multiple Selected Worksheets”

  1. 1 Joy Young March 30, 2012 at 8:37 pm


    Is there some sort of code that can determine if a sheet is among a group of selected sheets? Like

    If ws IsSelected Then
    ‘do something
    End If

    Thank you.

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