Recursive Functions

I’ve been experimenting with XQuery, which is a ‘pure’ functional language: you just have functions and expressions. You iterate over collections of documents/nodes using a SQL-SELECT-like construct: For-Let-Where-OrderBy-Return (FLWOR). There are also quantified expressions: Some/Every-In-Satisfies.

There are no explicit loops, but you can write a function that is recursive – that is, the function calls itself, until a terminating case is reached (e.g the empty-list case). Each recursive call adds a frame to the call stack of the implementation; when the terminating case is reached, the calls unwind and the frames are popped off the stack, and the result value is constructed. The amount of stack space then limits how long the chain of recursive calls can be (unless the implementation optimizes recursion to iteration – some functional languages do).

Anyway, I wondered how many recursive calls you can make in VBA before you run out stack space (this is in Excel 2007). Here’s a trivial recursive function.

Function Recursive(n As Long) As Long
   If n = 0 Then
      Recursive = 1
      Recursive = 1 + Recursive(n - 1)
   End If
End Function

This works up to n = 6128. When n = 6129, I get Run-time Error 28 – Out of stack space. That’s a rather higher number than I was expecting. If you change the Long to an Integer, it works up to n = 6285, so the number and types of the arguments makes a slight difference.

It’s unlikely perhaps that you would write a straightforwardly recursive function like this, where a loop would do. However, it’s just conceivable that you might get a chain of object-to-object calls, within a custom data structure, long enough to cause an error.


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