Still here…

Sorry the postings have been a bit thin on the ground since the New Year. Rather unexpectedly some freelance work has developed into a permanent position. I am now in a role which is primarily focused on DITA/XML documentation, for a company that produces a Payments Processing system (Direct Debits and such like). The challenge is to make the documentation scheme fit the highly modular nature of the system, and the core product –> client customization delivery process.

While Excel/VBA will still be in the mix, it won’t be central to what I’m doing. I’ll try to carry on posting as and when, so keep dropping by.


1 Response to “Still here…”

  1. 1 Mangésh Méhendalé July 27, 2011 at 6:13 am


    Came across your blog during as part of my efforts to enhance my VBA knowledge from publicly available information. Thought I would leave back a note to let you know that you blog is mind blowing in terms of diversity of topics which you seem to have covered. Being a somewhere between a newbie and a rookie, I cant even fully appreciate all the concepts but I atleast know how far I have to go and how long that journey is :S

    A big thank you for sharing your knowledge. Appreciate it. A quick question. How does one go about acquiring/enhancing knowledge on class modules?? The examples available online are either very basic or far removed from reality. Others (like the resource and job) examples are so involved that they will take someone like me weeks to appreciate, if at all.

    Would you be able to guide me how I can progressively move up in understanding and applying class modules??


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